Welfare Benefits - Assemblies Of God, Ghana

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Group Insurance Cover

The Group Life Insurance policy will cover premature death, accident and disability for all AG Ministers. Therefore should a Pastor die in service or be involved in an accident or suffer disability he will be compensated appropriately.

Effective July 2014, each Pastor is to pay a monthly premium of Ten Ghana Cedis(GHc10) through their respective regional offices. Amount can be paid monthly,quarterly or yearly in advance.

‘Orphans’ Scholarship

When a pastor dies in active service, up to a maximum of three of his children less than 21 years of age shall be offered assistance by way of payment of their school fees up to the tertiary level or when the ward is upto  21years. Note that tertiary level could mean College of Education, Polytechnic or University.

Widows Stability Support

When a pastor dies, in active service, the local church is required to support his widow by paying to her for a period of six months, the basic salary of the late minister as at the time of death. This is to help stabilize the widow financially.

Monthly Pension
Church boards are encouraged to fix a monthly pention for their retireing pastors according to their financial strenght. in the interum, those whose churches can not afford will be handed over to the old scheme of the general council(see Pention Board Agreement form).

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