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The Assemblies of God Ministers’ Pension Scheme (The Scheme) is a welfare scheme, which came into existence through a resolution passed at the 2012 General Council held at Wa, Upper West Region.

Retirement Age

Under the scheme, the retirement age of an Assemblies of God, Ghana Minister is sixty five (65) years.

What will happen to the existing arrangement where retired pastors are paid monthly allowances?

The beneficiaries of the old scheme will not be transferred to the new scheme, nor will new members be admitted into the old scheme. Eventually the old scheme will die a natural death. They will continue to receive their monthly allowances as per the present arrangement. These allowances will however, be reviewed periodically.

Enforcement of the basic SSNIT (Tier 1) and Occupational Pension [Tier 2] Scheme

The National Administrator of the AG Ministers’ Pension will work with local churches to ensure that ministers of the AG Ghana contribute to the SSNIT and Occupational Pension scheme.

Why are the contributions to SSNIT [Tier 1] and the Occupational Pension [Tier 2] importan

The contribution to SSNIT, known as Tier 1 will enable contributing Pastors when they attain the SSNIT retirement age of 60 to receive monthly pension payment from SSNIT can also enjoy the National Health Insurance Scheme. The Occupation Pension contribution – tier 2 – will enable the contributing Pastor obtain a lump-sum payment when he attains the age of sixty (60) years.

General Council End of Service Benefit [GC ESB]

The GC ESB takes the form of a lump sum payment by the scheme to a retiring minister at the end of his tenure at age 65. It is based on a biennially (2 years) reviewed notional salary since there is no uniform salary scale in A/G. We are starting with a notional salary of two hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵ 200.00) and a maximum length of service of thirty (30) years.

The ceiling of thirty years has been imposed in this initial period because of the scheme’s financial condition. However, as and when the financial position of the scheme improves the cap will be removed to ensure that Pastors are paid for the number of years of service they have rendered.

What will be done to maintain the real value of the notional salary?

The review of the notional salary will always be informed by professional advice.

Retirement Service

In addition to the ESB lump sum payment to the retiring pastor, an appropriate retirement service shall be organised by the Executive Presbytery with EP Officers or their representative and all relevant stakeholders involved. The ESB cheque(s) will be presented to the beneficiary at this ceremony. The retiring pastor’s local church will be required to give a monetary gift to the retiring minister to address a particular perceived need of the pastor as mutually agreed with the District/Regional leadership.

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