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The Leadership Team of The Assemblies Of God, Ghana has as its Vision:

“To Make Assemblies Of God, Ghana a Model New Testament Church that relevantly meets

the Spiritual, Social, Moral, Economic, and Civic needs of the People within the 21st Century Context.”

The Team, among other things, seeks to achieve this by developing a corporate strategic plan

that will embody the following pragmatic issues:

To PRESERVE Our Pentecostal Heritage And Distinctive.

To PURSUE Aggressive Missions, Evangelism, and Church Planting.

To PROP Up Our links with Foreign Missionaries and other international bodies.

To PLACE The Organisation a higher pedestal by improving its website and making it interactive.

To PROJECT The image, values, and uniqueness of the Organisation through

the establishment of the following: Multi-Media Dept., TV And Radio Programmes,

Research Dept., and Periodic Magazine.

To PUSH Up Our commitment to other christian and sister organisation such as G.P.C.C.,

GILLBT, Bible Society, Ghana Evangelism Committee.

To PROMOTE The Welfare of pastors by ensuring a sense of self-worth, sense of security,

and sense of shelter; and also empowering them to fulfil their calling.

To PROPEL Our existing agencies, including Assemblies Of God Literature Centre, Bookshop, Clinics,

Assemblies Of God Relief & Development Service, and Prime Insurance into heights of greater


To PARTNER With Government, Civil Society, Traditional authorities And other Development

Stakeholders in the pursuance of the well-being of Ghanaians.

To PRESENT Ourselves as credible and prudent Administrators Of the resources

of the Organisation with Integrity and Decorum.

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