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Published by Office of the General Superintendent in Press Release · 7/4/2016 15:38:00

Left: Rev. Dr. Frimpong-Manso delivering his speech
The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Dr. Paul Frimpong-Manso has intimated that God will supply the needed resources to build the headquarters to his glory and not to man’s glory.
Being upbeat about the project, the GS said the AG is joining hands with God to build a magnificent headquarters that would be the envy of all.
He made this remark during the sod-cutting ceremony of the proposed Head Office Building complex, at the Ringway Gospel Centre, Osu, Accra.
Quoting from William Carey, a prolific theologian and evangelist, he said; “He who takes too much, honours God”. He observed that although the project is huge, it would definitely bring glory to God when completed.
Quoting Bryan Nutman, he declared that; “if it is God’s will, then it is God’s bill.” He urged all not to be intimidated by the huge cost.
The GS, implored all to contribute financially to ensure that the project comes to fruition. It is only wise men that lay up treasure in heaven, he said, and invited all to be part of the building project.
He suggested that a year’s fund raising in the local churches could go a long way for the construction of the office complex.   He invited philanthropists and business institutions to come on board to support the project.
Recalling the perennial flooding of Accra and its devastating effects on the present headquarters, Rev. Dr. Frimpong-Manso said, “Indeed the building of a new headquarters is overdue and with God on our side, we should complete it within two years”.
The GS, noted that two of his predecessors; Rev. Simon Asore and the late Rev. William Dontoh made huge sacrifices and had this vision to build a befitting headquarters, but that could not materialize during their time. This is the opportune time to “rise up and build,” he challenged those gathered at the ceremony.
Architect Doku, leader of the construction team, later took the gathering through the drawings of the project, which had provision for the physically challenged, solar energy and rain harvesting among others. The project is in two parts; the AG offices and the business block.
The ceremony was attended by AG Executive Presbytery, District Pastors, and other dignitaries from both public and private sectors.

Rev. Dr. Paul Dsane, delivering the sermon
Rev. Dr. Paul Henry Dsane, Assistant General Superintendent of AG, has called on all stakeholders to trust God to enable the organization build a befitting headquarters.
He made this call in his short sermon during the sod cutting service at the Ringway Gospel Centre, Osu, Accra.
He said just as David had the zeal to build the house of God, the General Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Frimpong-Manso is also motivated to build the headquarters even in the face of the harsh economic constraints.
Quoting from Scripture, Rev. Dr. Dsane, said, the crossing of the Jordan initially was considered an impossibility, but because God had already given the command, the people obeyed and victory was won.
He said the time had come for the AG to obey the divine call to build a headquarters to improve efficiency of the organization both spiritually and administratively.
He urged the gathering to trust God for the AG, Ghana to reach its destination just as the children of Israel trusted God to cross the Jordan safely to their destination. “God will pour his blessing on those who have faith and will support the project to take off”. He added.
Rev. Dr. Dsane, said there was no better time for the project to take off than God’s time, and if “you have an appointment with God, keep it, because God is faithful”.  

Section of the Regional Superintendents at the sod cutting service

GS breaking the ground for headquarters construction to commence

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