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Published by Office of the General Superintendent in Press Release · 23/11/2015 00:39:00

Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso, exhorting at the meeting
In his exhortation to Pastors for the receding evangelism programmes in the church, Rev. Dr. Paul Frimpong Manso, the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Ghana, has called on men of God to step up soul winning crusades to save the nation from doom because the politicians cannot save. 
He said that politicians have become selfish, arrogant, who peddle only empty promises, it behooves therefore, on pastors to continue to preach the reconciliatory message of salvation to save the nation from disaster at Pastors’ meeting, in preparation towards the Reinhard Bonnke’s Christ for All Nations Crusade which will take place from 3rd to 6th of December, 2015 at Ashiaman, Accra.
He blamed the increasing political tension in the country on greed, pride and challenged the pastors “to stand up and tell the world that neither the political parties nor politicians can change the destiny of our nation.”
The General Superintendent lamented that, instead of some pastors keeping to the original mandate of preaching the gospel to win souls, they compete with politicians for the position of Assemblymen among other political positions. 
He also advised pastors who are consumed in seeking after titles, clerical robes and popularity to focus on feeding the sheep with the word of God.
 Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso said “some pastors mount the pulpit only to speak on motivational messages instead of preaching eternal life messages that can bring hope and life to the congregation”. He stressed that Jesus, Moses and Elijah preached salvation to the people and pastors should do same, otherwise God will hold them accountable. “You can’t win everybody, but confront everybody with the gospel”, he added a quote from Billy Graham.
The Executive Director of Christ for All Nations, Africa, Rev. John Darko reported on how the Lord is working through men of God in Africa in winning souls for the kingdom of God and looked forward for miracles and sings for the impending crusade.
Several head of churches from the Tema/Ashiaman cluster graced the occasion; including Rev. Dr. Joseph Basie, Assemblies of God, Ghana, Accra Regional Superintendent.
Executive Director of Christ for All Nations, Africa, Rev. John Darko addressing the Pastors. Seated are; Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso and Rev. Dr. Joseph Basie, from right to left
Pastors should demonstrate more commitment to evangelism

Section of pastors at the meeting
Ministers of the gospel have been urged by the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Dr. Paul Frimpong Manso to show more commitment to preach the gospel to win souls for the Kingdom of God.
He offered this advice during the Tema/Ashiaman pastors meeting at the Royal Nick Hotel, Community 5, Tema, last Tuesday for the impending Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade.
Speaking on the texts; Mark 13:10 and Luke 19:10, he said the gospel is to save life and the minister’s priority is to preach the gospel. “Pastors who waste time to talk about salaries other than the gospel are failures”, because Jesus is very clear about preaching the good news. 
He said the promise of the Holy Spirit, was fulfilled in the Book of Acts for witnessing about Christ to save souls. And when the church refused to go with the gospel, persecution scattered them to preach the gospel outside Jerusalem; an indication that the preaching of the gospel in every nation is very important to God.
He noted that the local churches are too busy with programmes other than the evangelism, where billboards with pictures of the pastors are advertised. Some are also engulfed in projects, such as building of cathedrals, universities and other businesses.
Drawing lessons from the story of the one lost sheep and the ninety nine, Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso, said the church today is engaged in activities to entertain the one that was found, that is the church. The church is not caring for the ninety nine, because evangelism has been relegated to the background instead of being at the forefront of the church’s programme.
He said the father is still waiting for somebody to come home, and it’s about time, pastors reconsidered their priorities. He challenged pastors to leave their comfort zones,roll up their sleeves and go down into the trenches to rescue the perishing and the dying.
The General Superintendent grieved that the world is being confronted with too much crimes and killings and the gospel is the only solution.

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