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Who are the Administrators of the Scheme?

The independent body responsible for the affairs of the AG Ghana Pension Scheme is the AG Ghana Pension Board. It is currently made of the following five members:

Mr. E. Baba Mahama, Chartered Accountant and Charted Insurer, (Chairman), Mr.  Alex Owusu  Ansah, Former Deputy Managing Director of Agricultural Development Bank, Rev. Dr.Sam Ato Bentil, General Treasurer, Mr. Yaw Aduboffour, Legal Practitioner and Pastor Peter Bandim, National Administrator of the Scheme. Mr Samuel Ewool: Executive Director, Buena Vista Homes, a Quantity Surveyor and a Chartered Accountant,
Evelyn Daawee-Keelson(Nee Kwakye),Principal State Attorney, Attorney-General's Dept.

How will the Scheme be funded?

Pastors and their churches will contribute towards SSNIT and the Occupational Pension Scheme. Where, for reason of being in a deprived area, or being a start-up, etc. a pastor or local church is unable to meet these obligations the General Council, acting through the Executive Presbytery will step in to provide help for not more than five years. General Council will provide support in the form of the Annual Pension Fund (raise through the Operations Fund).

What will be the Pensions Board’s involvement in fund-raising?


.         Through an annual offering taken on the 1st Sunday of March

·         Generating Investment income from the funds made available

·         Annual fund-raising tour of the regions

·         Personal donations

Exit Arrangement

Normal exit arrangements will involve systematic notification of the prospective retiree of his exit date five years to time, face-to-face meeting with him to try and understand his individual situation, and possible retirement counseling.

Transitional Provisions

The exit arrangement will take into account appropriate compensation for pastors who have had to make their exit soon after or in the middle of major church projects carried out by them.

The Scheme effectively started from January 1, 2013. The Board has two years within to gather funds and put in place arrangements to ensure that the first batch of retirees can be properly seen off in a befitting manner.

Please, are you sure your name is in the AG Pensions Register?

The benefit of the scheme outlined in this document can be enjoyed only by those whose names are in the AG Ghana Pensions Register. Please call the National Administrator to make sure your name is on the Register.

Do you have any further queries?

If after going through the contents of this brochure, you still need further explanation of any issue regarding the AG Ghana Pensions Scheme, direct your questions to the National Administrator of the scheme.

Contact Details

Tel: 0277-813991, 0302-224558,0302-235 039


Board Members

Mr. E. Baba Mahama

Mr.  Alex Owusu  Ansah

Rev. Dr.Sam Ato Bentil

Pastor Peter Bandim
(National Administrator)

Mrs Evelyn Daawee-Keelson
(Nee Kwakye)(

Mr Samuel Ewool

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